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The Enerlites MPC-52V is a commercial grade line voltage ceiling mount sensor that operates lights using passive infrared (PIR) technology. The sensor features a 360° field of view fresnel lens that provides up to 800 sq ft of coverage area. This ceiling mounted sensor operates lights ON/OFF based on occupancy and ambient light levels detected in the area. The occupancy sensor turns lights ON when motion is detected and OFF when no motion is detected for a pre-selected time delay. Ambient light level detection prevents the occupancy sensor from turning lights ON when the ambient light levels are sufficient. Both the time delay and light level settings can be easily adjusted. 

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air circulators

Hourly Automation with Countdown Timer

his switch timer features a manual ON/OFF button so that you can control the air circulator as you please. After the fan has been turned ON manually, it will shut OFF after a pre-selected amount of time to conserve energy and ensure that the fan is never left on by mistake. This timer setting is adjustable.

PIR Motion Detection

This in-wall fan timer also includes a built-in motion sensor light switch. The PIR motion sensor detects movement in a space up to 600 square feet to activate the lights accordingly. This device includes both occupancy and vacancy modes, as well as a manual ON/OFF switch and adjustable time delay.

Fresh & Clean Indoor Air Quality

Ideal for keeping indoor air fresh in both high humidity regions and colder regions where doors and windows may be closed for nearly 24 hours each day.





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